This page is just to thank the people who helped us with our trip. Specifically:

  • My sister, who gets the extra special props for taking care of the house while we were away.
  • All the family members in Las Vegas, Virginia, Minnesota and Salt Lake City who were kind enough put us up in their homes when we were in town.
  • Our next-door neighbor, who kept the patio from flooding.
  • Del at Highway One, for selling us a very fine car that did almost 19,000 miles in ninety-three days without complaint.
  • The makers of StreetAtlas USA, which was tremendously helpful in route planning and locating hotels. [Note: This trip predated Google Maps by three years. Also we didn't have internet access in the car.]
  • The makers of XM radio. The receivers aren't that cheap, but XM is so far superior to conventional radio that I can't go back to the blather on FM anymore. I seriously can't listen to any radio but XM. I love XM radio. Almost as much as I love TiVo, which is a lot. [Note: Now I love Slacker Radio. Times change.]