Shark Stats

Make Pontiac
Model/Trim Lemans Sport 350
Year 1971
Engine 350 cid V-8
Transmission Four on the floor, baby!
Body type 2-door convertible
Brake horsepower 250 @ 4400rpm
Compression ratio 8:1
Carb 2 barrel
Wheelbase 112 inches (9', 4")
Overall length 202.3 inches (16', 10.3")
Color Pontiac blue
Shipping weight 3545 lbs.
Fuel capacity 20 gallons
Average gas mileage 14 mpg
Our best gas mileage 20 mpg (with a tailwind)
No. of '71 LeMans Sports produced 40,941
No. produced with manual transmission 1,229
The Shark was purchased from Highway One in Burlingame

Trip Stats

Departed 2:35pm, May 16, 2002
Returned 11:50pm, August 15, 2002
Total states we visited 48
Great Lakes we saw Ontario, Erie, Michigan
Number of times we crossed the Mississippi 8
Number of times we crossed the Mississippi on foot Twice each
Odometer at start 54,377
Odometer at finish 73,316
Total trip miles 18,939
Number of fuel stops 127
Total gasoline used 1,359.8 gallons
Number of different hotels we stayed at 61
Cities that were so much fun we stayed longer than planned Memphis, New Orleans, Key West
35mm pictures taken Approx. 2,270
Digital pictures taken Approx. 8,200
Blurry pictures accidentally taken of roadside shrubs At least 400
Number of moose seen 4
Number of speeding tickets received 1
Number of birds who flew into the car 1
Number of bugs who flew into the car 400,000,000 (approx.)
Number of giant Paul Bunyan statues we saw 3
Northernmost point Threemile Corner, Idaho
Southernmost point Key West, Florida
Easternmost point Lubec, Maine
Westernmost point around Fields Landing, California